Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Consultants, LLC, known as DEPCON, was formed in December 2007. The four principals of DEPCON have well over a century of combined experience in their areas of specialty, and well over twenty-five years each of experience as individuals. In addition to the principals, DEPCON has reach back capability to project specialists in all related areas such as Fire Suppression, Law Enforcement, Emergency Education, Intelligence, Risk Management, Risk and Vulnerability Analysis, Risk and Hazard Mitigation, Medicine and Mass Casualty Management, Disaster Management and Mass Care, Inter-agency Cooperation and Liaison, Private-Public Sector Interoperability, Continuity of Operations and other related areas of specialty which can be addressed based upon the needs of the customer. ALL are certified by the US Department of Homeland Security as Master Instructors with long and wide experience in the area of disaster training and adult education, in addition to their individual areas of specialty.
DEPCON can deliver training to your organization on any of the Emergency Preparedness- or Disaster-related topics mentioned above and more. Perhaps more importantly, DEPCON can design a training program for your organization based upon your needs as described to us. We can also conduct an assessment and analysis of your organization and/or your organizational emergency operations plan or your continuity of operation plan. This analysis is a service provided independent of any training that is delivered or developed and can be provided as a stand-alone service. Of course, it can also be incorporated into a comprehensive plan for your organization to plan for any type of emergency or disaster that might occur. Such a complete package would include an assessment of risk and vulnerability, an analysis of your organization’s plans as they stand, the development of a comprehensive training program designed by our principals and project specialists to meet the needs identified, and delivery of the training by our master instructor cadre at the time and place specified by you, the customer. The cost for the services provided by the company are negotiated prior to the start of any assessments or analyses, or development, or delivery of any services or service products.
We at DEPCON feel, with some pride, that we can offer a level of expertise and experience that is not available anyplace else in the industry. Our competitors are generally represented by retired, high level functionaries with vast experience in administration of large, usually governmental organizations, who have hired workers to provide training. They generally do not have the history of a long career spent in the field of emergency preparedness and response that our principals and project specialists share. Many of the plans and training programs generated by such providers do not have the benefit of the pragmatic and practical outlook that can only be gained through many years of experience in the field. DEPCON has the personnel needed not only to deliver the services described above, but to ensure that the training that we develop and deliver, and the plans that we generate, are WORKABLE in the real world and can be implemented by the personnel within your organization as it stands. We are not experts in management. We leave that to you, our customers who have proven expertise to run their own organizations as they see fit to do so. We are here to help you to do so under extreme and difficult circumstances. We hope that you never have to put our training products to practical use. However, if that dark day of need ever does come, you can rest assured that your organization will be as prepared as it possibly can be, with a program of training and preparedness skills that will be up to the challenge.
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